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Goodwood Property For Sale, Cape Town Western Cape, South Africa

Western Cape property for sale in Goodwood, Cape Town, South Africa including houses, flats, townhouses, offices, commercial property for sale in Goodwood, Cape Town.
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Goodwood Property For Sale in Cape Town Western Cape, South Africa

Property in South Africa > Property in Western Cape > Property in Cape Town > Cape Town Northern Suburbs > Property in Goodwood

Property For Sale in Goodwood, Cape Town

Another of Cape Town's excellent suburbs for investing in property is Goodwood. 10 Kilometers away from the Cape Town city centre Goodwood is situated between the northern and southern suburbs of Cape Town and is easy accessible from the N1, N7 and N2 highways.

Goodwood is primarily a residential suburb consisting of approximately 7 000 houses and it is also a cosmopolitan suburb with a large Portuguese community.

Goodwood has its own hospital and has a choice of pre-primary, primary and high schools. There is a convenient public transport system. The property prices in Goodwood range from R350 000 to R1 million.

The opening of the Grand West Casino right on its doorstep has made Goodwood all the more lucrative for South African and International property investors. Goodwood offers affordable houses and is centrally situated making it a good residential investment area.

At Private Sale you will find a variety of property for sale and to rent in Goodwood, Cape Town including houses, flats, townhouses, offices and commercial properties in Durbanville.

Sold Property in Goodwood, Western Cape

Property Price Transfer Date Street No Street Name Mun Suburb Stand No Stand Size
R1,200,000 05/07/2007 47 VAN RENSBURG GOODWOOD ESTATE 7762 595.0SQM
R1,250,000 13/07/2007 1 ARGYLL GOODWOOD ESTATE 8122 694.0SQM
R690,000 17/07/2007 38 HAMILTON GOODWOOD ESTATE 6563 495.0SQM
R885,000 24/07/2007 102 GERTRUDE GOODWOOD ESTATE 5014 496.0SQM
R650,000 31/07/2007 55 GERTRUDE GOODWOOD ESTATE 5954 496.0SQM
R870,000 18/07/2007 92 SPENCER GOODWOOD ESTATE 5080 495.0SQM
R1,145,000 23/07/2007 11 LOUIS TRICHARDT GOODWOOD ESTATE 8060 584.0SQM
R1,140,000 30/07/2007 85 VAN RENSBURG GOODWOOD ESTATE 7925 595.0SQM
R735,000 02/08/2007 44 HAMILTON GOODWOOD ESTATE 6566 495.0SQM
R905,000 18/07/2007 12 PIERNEEF GOODWOOD ESTATE 18884 495.0SQM
R1,300,000 14/08/2007 193 RHODES GOODWOOD ESTATE 26010 496.0SQM
R780,000 10/08/2007 53 RIEBEEK GOODWOOD ESTATE 6041 495.0SQM
R880,000 16/08/2007 21 PIERNEEF GOODWOOD ESTATE 16756 496.0SQM
R800,000 16/08/2007 12 FISHER GOODWOOD ESTATE 7125 495.0SQM
R690,000 22/08/2007 11 CHURCH GOODWOOD ESTATE 7012 496.0SQM
R921,040 22/08/2007 68 RHODES GOODWOOD ESTATE 5531 495.0SQM
R730,000 30/08/2007 72 GERTRUDE GOODWOOD ESTATE 5470 496.0SQM
R800,000 21/08/2007 60 GERTRUDE GOODWOOD ESTATE 5981 495.0SQM
R1,450,000 31/08/2007 GOODWOOD ESTATE 7934 1108.0SQM
R1,060,000 30/08/2007 66 VAN RENSBURG GOODWOOD ESTATE 7962 595.0SQM
R500,000 13/09/2007 74 GERTRUDE GOODWOOD ESTATE 5471 495.0SQM
R650,000 31/08/2007 42 ALICE GOODWOOD ESTATE 6501 496.0SQM
R840,000 10/09/2007 131 RIEBEEK GOODWOOD ESTATE 4252 496.0SQM
R1,300,000 17/09/2007 51 ALICE GOODWOOD ESTATE 5931 496.0SQM
R750,000 01/10/2007 20 HAMILTON GOODWOOD ESTATE 7108 496.0SQM
R499,000 20/09/2007 84 HAMILTON GOODWOOD ESTATE 5496 495.0SQM
R860,000 27/09/2007 45 SPENCER GOODWOOD ESTATE 6027 496.0SQM
R960,000 04/10/2007 6 WYNN GOODWOOD ESTATE 8049 595.0SQM
R677,000 12/10/2007 173 RIEBEEK GOODWOOD ESTATE 3467 496.0SQM
R950,000 19/10/2007 143 GOULBURN GOODWOOD ESTATE 7881 595.0SQM
R880,000 12/10/2007 12 C LOUIS LEIPOLDT GOODWOOD ESTATE 18878 495.0SQM
R650,000 29/10/2007 18 SPENCER GOODWOOD ESTATE 7171 495.0SQM
R960,000 12/11/2007 150 FITZROY GOODWOOD ESTATE 7870 584.0SQM
R800,000 21/11/2007 46 HAMILTON GOODWOOD ESTATE 6567 495.0SQM
R350,000 21/11/2007 72 GOODWOOD GOODWOOD ESTATE 5939 495.0SQM
R850,000 29/11/2007 36 HAMILTON GOODWOOD ESTATE 6562 495.0SQM
R411,700 23/11/2007 17 ROSE GOODWOOD ESTATE 8092 595.0SQM
R850,000 30/11/2007 4 MCDONALD GOODWOOD ESTATE 8477 495.0SQM
R770,000 30/11/2007 76 RHODES GOODWOOD ESTATE 5534 495.0SQM
R650,000 07/12/2007 129 GOODWOOD GOODWOOD ESTATE 7890 608.0SQM

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