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Sea Point Property For Sale, Cape Town Western Cape, South Africa

Western Cape property for sale in Sea Point, Cape Town, South Africa including houses, flats, townhouses, offices, commercial property for sale in Sea Point, Cape Town.
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Sea Point Property For Sale in Cape Town Western Cape, South Africa

Property in South Africa > Property in Western Cape > Property in Cape Town > Property in Cape Town CBD and Atlantic Seaboard > Property in Sea Point

Property For Sale in Sea Point, Cape Town

Another popular suburb in Cape Town for investing in property is Sea Point. Lying on the slopes of the Signal Hill, Sea Point is characterised by expensive private mansions. Down at the sea promenade you find a long row of luxury apartment blocks. In between lies the Main Road with pubs, music clubs, coffeeshops and some good restaurants like the Chinese Mr Chan or bistros like the lively New York Bagel.

The beaches at Sea Point are narrow and mostly rocky, but still good for sun-bathing. For swimming you should rather visit the big public seawater swimming pool which is a 100 metre long pool with a 5 metre jumping board. There is a stunning view of the sea usually with container ships heading for the harbour in Table Bay, or China, and Robben Island lying in the distance.

At Private Sale you will find a variety of property for sale and to rent in Sea Point including houses, flats, townhouses, offices and commercial properties in Sea Point.

Sold Property in Sea Point, Western Cape

  Property Price   Transfer Date Street No Street Name Mun Suburb Stand No   Stand Size
    R2,775,000   17/04/2007 30 ARTHURS SEA POINT 968   377.0SQM
    R1,600,000   13/07/2007 19 IRWINTON SEA POINT 1667   214.0SQM
    R3,550,000   03/05/2007 20 AVENUE BORDEAUX SEA POINT 953   514.0SQM
    R1,852,500   31/05/2007 12 ROSEDENE SEA POINT 478   340.0SQM
    R4,100,000   11/10/2007 39 QUEENS SEA POINT 7   372.0SQM
    R1,350,000   08/05/2007 SEA POINT 356   174.0SQM
    R2,200,000   28/06/2007 20 WISBEACH SEA POINT 1113   263.0SQM
    R2,050,000   03/07/2007 1 OLDFIELD SEA POINT 1541   175.0SQM
    R2,150,000   18/07/2007 35 ARTHURS SEA POINT 926   4088.0SQM
    R2,250,000   01/08/2007 2 HIGHWORTH SEA POINT 490   495.0SQM
    R3,400,000   27/07/2007 2 ALGARKIRK SEA POINT 1954   243.0SQM
    R2,200,000   16/03/2007 18 WISBEACH SEA POINT 1107   314.0SQM
    R4,850,000   14/03/2007 4 SAINT BARTHOLOMEW SEA POINT 968   559.0SQM
    R2,700,000   17/09/2007 16 KINGS SEA POINT 25   428.0SQM
    R1,400,000   04/04/2007 14 FIRDALE SEA POINT 622   113.0SQM
    R1,950,000   02/10/2007 19 MUTLEY SEA POINT 186   213.0SQM
    R3,025,000   11/10/2007 18 GORLESTON SEA POINT 368   309.0SQM
    R2,250,000   31/10/2007 6 BARKLEY SEA POINT 1498   157.0SQM
    R4,000,000   03/01/2008 18 MOUNT NELSON SEA POINT 406   334.0SQM
    R3,000,000   05/02/2008 20 BARKLEY SEA POINT 913   357.0SQM
    R5,125,000   05/02/2008 5 AVENUE DRELING SEA POINT 990   456.0SQM
    R1,750,000   21/01/2008 34 UPPER RHINE SEA POINT 1456   183.0SQM
    R3,550,000   22/01/2008 17 ILKLEY SEA POINT 248   428.0SQM
    R1,950,000   28/01/2008 14 INEZ SEA POINT 1760   118.0SQM
    R1,500,000   31/01/2008 2D FIRDALE SEA POINT 636   113.0SQM
    R2,300,000   26/07/2007 SEA POINT 355   468.0SQM
    R9,750,000   03/08/2007 22 ST JOHNS SEA POINT 448   1582.0SQM
    R6,600,000   08/08/2007 76A MAIN SEA POINT 885   485.0SQM
    R2,200,000   24/08/2007 1 DONKIN SEA POINT 1450   134.0SQM
    R2,590,000   21/08/2007 4 WORCESTER SEA POINT 391   272.0SQM
    R2,150,000   02/04/2007 19 BATTERY SEA POINT 1513   268.0SQM
    R1,690,000   03/09/2007 1 UPPER RHINE SEA POINT 148   193.0SQM
    R2,100,000   21/09/2007 6 HIGHWORTH SEA POINT 487   372.0SQM
    R3,900,000   20/09/2007 25 DE L HERMITE SEA POINT 975   448.0SQM
    R1,900,000   07/11/2007 SEA POINT 638   473.0SQM
    R4,250,000   01/11/2007 9 PORTMAN SEA POINT 387   493.0SQM
    R950,000   08/11/2007 4B ROSEDENE SEA POINT 482   163.0SQM
    R3,200,000   01/11/2007 19 OCEAN VIEW SEA POINT 877   448.0SQM
    R3,700,000   31/10/2007 23 BATTERY SEA POINT 1091   511.0SQM
    R4,200,000   30/11/2007 3 DUDLEY SEA POINT 381   379.0SQM

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